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Willy Mays Hays

April 27, 2010

If you’ve seen Major League, you know exactly who I am talking about when I say Willy Mays Hays. There’s just something about fast baseball players that captures the audience’s attention.

The Nats Nyjer Morgan reminds me of WMH. He’s talkative, he’s fast and he’s confident.

As of today, Morgan is 4-9 in stolen bases, not too shabby. But watching him curse his way off the field after getting picked off really does tug at your heart-strings when you know the man was just born to run.

Riggleman banned him from sliding headfirst for fear of breaking his wrist again, but Morgan stepped up and said he wants to try it.

Here’s hoping!! Nats play again tonight at Wrigley Field.

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