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A fresh new look

April 28, 2010

Adam Dunn told the Washington Post’s Adam Kilgore the other day, “All the negative crap is pretty much behind us,” …”This team didn’t lose 102 games. That was last year. I don’t know any guys on this team that don’t believe we can do some damage. I don’t mean compete. I mean win.”

I’m a firm believer in positive thoughts and the universe. If you put them out there, the universe will listen. The Nats are on a roll and it’s because the team is playing like a team. This team knows there’s no “I” in “team.”

Three of the top 50 batting averages in the NL league come from Nats players, Willingham (.303), Nyjer Morgan (.291) and check this out, Christian Guzman (.286).  Please don’t ask me to quote any other type of stats – I know what RBI means and I know what a sac-fly is, but stat wise, that personal scoreboard looks like a math equation.

Lest we forget about Matt Capps who had his 9th save last night – putting him at the top of the standings for saves in the National League (did I say that right?) And, best of all, Strasburg is kicking dirty butt out in Harrisburg. If the Nats keep playing the way they are, Strasburg will simply be an amazing addition – not the Godsend they may have needed last season.

This is a different ball club and I can’t wait to see them mature even more. I’m really glad I am a fan!

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