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BIG wins and silver things

May 7, 2010

The Nats came out of their extra inning slump and beat the Braves 3-2 last night after Willy Harris singled to right for a walk off win in the 10th inning. This is AFTER Zimmerman slammed one to the right field fence, missing a home run by about 8 inches. bummer. Pudge also hit a solo home run last night, I love Pudge!!!

All I can say is I hope my neighbors understand I’m a baseball fan with all that clapping and screaming!

Second round of business goes back to the Elvis wig. I’m obsessed with the team this year and more so with the personalities that we finally get to witness. Dan Steinberg of the Post’s D.C. Sports Bog has a hilarious write-up today about all the team’s comments on the origins of the wig. MY FAVORITE is the fact that they give Pudge full right of final decision should MASN’s Debbi Taylor happen to pick someone the team might not agree with. Zimmerman’s comment literally made me L..O..L.!

I’ll be at the game tonight rooting for my boys, hopefully with a great story to tell tomorrow!!!


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