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May 11, 2010

Because of my Benedryl-induced coma last night, I had to turn off the t.v. at 9:15 – I was pretty much seeing double anyway. My first thought this morning was…..well, actually it was – I can breathe through my nose again!!! So, technically, my second thought was, I can’t wait to check my phone for the Nats game update. The ESPN game updates on my iPhone has changed my life. With the push of one button to turn on the screen, I had the most beautiful blue box telling me that Nats beat the Mets 3-2. Holy cow we beat the Mets! The Nats have, for now at least, secured 2nd place in the NL East.

Ok, but more importantly, the reason I am writing today – My ALL TIME favorite baseball hero and my current favorite baseball player got together on the radio to discuss a few things the other day. That’s right, Cal Ripken and Ryan Zimmerman. If I could get those two in one room together, at some point in my life, I’m not sure I could compose myself enough to say how much each of them mean to me. Cal was the reason I grew up loving baseball; I am a lifetime fan of his. Ryan, well, you know how I feel about Ryan. We’re on a first name basis – none of that Zim or The Zim or Zimmerman crap. He’s Ryan, and he’s my favorite player (and he’s so so cute in his new Geico commercials!)

Patrick Reddington typed up a nice transcript of Cal and his brother Billy’s interview with Ryan on his blog, Federal Baseball, and I just had to share it here.

Cal mentions chemistry. Ryan replies it has a lot to do with Pudge…that’s not the first time I’ve heard that. I’ll skip the “I want a shirt that says Pudge on it” story and just say, I too really admire what he brings to the team (going 4 – 4 last night and is averaging .393!)

Thanks to my wonderful seat neighbors and friends Jo and John (a., for reading my blog 🙂 and b., for being so nice and supportive, you know what I mean. To Joe and Paul, to the right of us, I hope I didn’t scare you away and I look forward to the season!

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