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Mets Schmets

May 12, 2010

It’s a sad day in Natstown, but like everything else in this world we must forge ahead and move on. Tonight’s final game against the Mets will be the deciding factor in who takes 2nd in the NL East. I am smart enough to know that those standings are about as permanent as yesterday’s garbage, but, it would be a great moral booster once again for our boys.

Instead of focusing on the devastating loss last night, I’m instead going to focus on a few of the great plays we did see, and there were many. It wasn’t a game full of mistakes – there were big hits, big plays and regardless of the loss, Olsen held on for a long time with a big lead.

#1. Adam Dunn’s 1st inning 3-run homerun – what a great start!

#2. After getting hit in the foot/ankle by a low lying hard hit ball, Olsen continues to pitch. A few pitches later, Olsen snags the ball that was hit to him, throws to Desmond at second who throws to Dunn at first for a double play. I have no idea how men do it. The replays of that ball hitting his ankle show him screaming as he hits the dirt, only to stand back up and continue his game. I’d of been in the dugout with ice and a cold drink.

#3. Cristian Guzman’s line drive to right field earning a double after their right fielder bobbles the ball.

#4. Pudge does it again!!!!! Pudge’s line drive to the outfield brings in Ryan and the Hammer, bringing the score to 5-1 Nats! Go Pudge Go!! Desmond follows by hitting a ball into the outfield, bringing in someone – I can’t recall who. 6-1 Nats!!

Ok, it kind of all falls apart after this. Pitcher after pitcher can’t seem to stop the Mets bats. BUT we play again tonight and hopefully it’s much warmer up there in NY today. Hopefully they all got a nice night of sleep and wake up with positive attitudes 🙂  I know that doesn’t happen, but in my mind, it’s all roses.

Former player Aaron Boone also had some really nice things to say about the Nats today as the main feature on, choosing to focus on the team and not their loss last night. Check it out.

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  1. May 13, 2010 3:57 am

    Riggleman, like Manuel and most Major League managers, changes pitchers way too often. Sometimes you have to let your pitcher work out of trouble, otherwise he becomes used to being ‘bailed out.’

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