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Go With the Girl that Got You There, or Boy

May 13, 2010

My boss said that once – meaning never neglect those that helped make you who you are. It makes me think of this boy they call Baseball Jesus and his start with the Nats.

Let me be clear. I am a true blood solid Nats fan. I smile just thinking about the team. Win or lose, rain or sun (and I know my friends can agree with that one!), I am there through it all. I, like every single person in this world, cannot wait to see Baseball Jesus (aka Strasburg) make his glorious appearance…when he will descend from the heavenly throne he was cast from…when he will part the seas and deliver his God-sent gift to the Nats.

But…(small but…), I can’t help but wonder if when that heavenly day does come, be it June 4th as Adam Kilgore believes or the 8th as this guy believes, what will happen to ol’ Clip n Save? To Stammen, whose bats should not go discounted?  To Livon (again, with the Elton John in my head!!)? To Olsen – who really has stepped up and done an amazing job?

My point is, does anyone else feel like the new kid on the block is going to steal all the attention from the guys who are a large part of the reason we are doing as well as we are? Even Riggleman agrees that Strasburg will be an amazing addition, but not the identity of the team. I don’t think this town or the media or even current Nats players should ever forget about the boys who got them here. I salute them all, even Bruney – only because I saw how sad he looked the other day when he was pulled after one inning, and well, he’s human too.

I will be in line to get tickets to whatever game he is set to debut. I will cheer and scream when he beats the pulp out of the teams we play in the future. But, I hope the other guys in our bullpen know how much they mean to Natstown as well.

Not a sermon, just a thought….

(NOTE: Hateful comments really do hurt my feelings, please keep all you are crazy comments to yourself 🙂

PS: I don’t know where “Baseball Jesus” came from, but, I give this guy credit for his quirky and creative use of the phrase!


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