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“I Loved You When You Sucked” and I love you now

May 19, 2010

I had to wait all day to finally put some thoughts down because my emotions are getting the best of me these last few games. I went from rubbing our big win over the Mets in my boss’ face last week to cursing at my tv at night because we simply CAN’T BRING IN THE GD RUNNERS! ok, there I go again. Sorry.

Nats left 9……NINE……almost 10….NINE runners in scoring position last night.

As a Nats fan, we’ve been through much worse times. True story, I just bought a shirt that says “I loved you when you sucked”. I can’t WAIT to rock it this Friday at the game as we face the Orioles! 

Natsville – don’t give up hope. Not yet. Here’s a few reasons I don’t think we should discount anything quite yet:

  • Ian Desmond is just getting started. I see big things for him as he grows professionally. He has the likes of Pudge and, Ryan, Guzman and even Dunn to learn from as the season goes on. (Shout out to Dunn, I – we all – hope you feel better!!!)
  • We hadn’t won our 20th game until June 20th last year. We are way ahead of the game
  • We are still at .500. I couldn’t even begin to tell you what that means but Rob Dibble and my boss and Riggleman and my boyfriend all talk about it quite a bit, so I  know it’s important.
  • Everyone has slumps. Dunn was way less than impressive when we began this season and he climbed his way out.
  • Baseball Jesus will come. We built it, he will come.  And no, not the dead players from the cornfield.
    He may come and be mediocre or he may come and be the beaming light of glory (at this point) we’ve all been waiting for. As you saw a few posts back, in April, the thought of Strasburg was only that he’d be a great addition to an already great team. Now, well, if we can’t get out of this slump, he may just be that angel that the heavens will descend upon Washington. (I just can’t get enough of Baseball Jesus euphemisms).


  • Speaking of pitching, we have another guy who could potentially clean things up – Storen is here.
  • Clip & Save are not done yet – they are still quality pitchers who, well, have just had bad days
  • Um, Guzman? Almost as reliable as Old Yeller.
  • Pudge’s knees ain’t failing him  yet. He may have quite a few seasons behind him, but he’s not sleeping in locker rooms if you know what I mean.
  • We’re still 3rd in the NL East. It’s going to be a tough two nights in DC though as we face the Mets tonight and tomorrow. The Mets are only one game behind us (nail-biting!!!!!! YIKES!!!)
  • Bernadina – Burn baby burn

Well, that’s what I got for now. What am I missing?

Here’s hoping (praying!) tonight goes much better for our boys!


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