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Good ol’ Days

May 21, 2010

We lost. End of story. Still at that apparently important .500, I’m ok.

I could spend my lunch hour  jotting down all the errors or missed opportunities and just bum myself out more, OR, I can quickly move forward and talk about how excited I am about tonight’s game!

I prefer the second option. We play the Orioles tonight. We actually play them all weekend. Quick question, do these games count? As in, do we still move up or down in our rankings based on these games? No idea….

A quick search for the O’s stats and I see they’ve only won 13 games, hopefully this is an easy win for us – goodness knows we need quite a few good wins. My allegiance goes to the Nats, even though I was once a die-hard Orioles fan. Believe it or not, I used to play softball when I was a kid. I realized at 15 I sucked, so I didn’t make it past my freshman year in high school, but during that time Cal Ripken and Brady Anderson were my heros. Oh the good ol’ days…when the best thing ever was a road trip to Camden Yards with my softball buddies….when foam fingers were cool….when getting caught dancing like an idiot on the big screen was hilarious (wait, I still haven’t made it on to any big screen and I’m dying to!!!)…when spilled mustard on your shorts really didn’t matter…when the hour and a half drive home after a day at the ballpark was a great excuse for a nap. Yes, you know those days. Some of the girls I met during those years are to this day still my very, very best friends.

It’s a gorgeous Friday here in DC and I am really looking forward to seeing Jo and John and finally getting to see my boyfriend whose been gone for a week. Yes, tonight will be a good night. If I liked Fergie I’d start belting out the Black Eyed Peas “tonight’s gonna be a good night, tonight’s gonna be a good good night” – but I truly despise her. I think it’s her looks. They make me hate her. I think she’s hideous. Anyway, I digress. Tonight is going to be a GREAT night.

So, in honor of my softball buddies and the memories we share, here’s a chant that I dedicate to the Nats, from the benches of the 1990 Calvert softball little league Tiger’s:

We’re Bad, We Know It
We’re bad, we know it!
We came, to show it!
What you see is what you get
And you ain’t seen nothing yet

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