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Matters of the Heart

May 24, 2010

Thanks for an amazing 6 years Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Ben, Charlie, Hurley, Claire, Locke, Sun, Jin, Syiad, Desmond, Juliet, Richard, Jacob, Penny, Daniel, Miles, Lipidus…and everyone else. I’m REALLY going to miss you and the feelings and excitement your brought me every Tuesday night. It’s the end of an era.

Pudge…..I just bought your shirt Friday night, I’m so sad you won’t be on this (long….) road trip. You always make me smile when I see you play. Please get better soon. 15 days is soo long!!!

Ryan, I love that you picked an at-bat song that has local ties. How great is this!? Shout out to Ben’s Chili Bowl, that’s my hood! One thing though, please stop messing up your side arm throws to first, you really do cause me severe anxiety.

Thank you Nationals, for scaring the daylights out of DC and almost losing to Baltimore every game!

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