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May 26, 2010

Look who gets the MVP for the Yankees/Twins game last night…yes, that’s a squirrel running directly for the Twins’ 3rd baseman…hilarious.

If you can’t see it, the cute and hilarious video is here.

Anyway, Nats friends, it’s a trying time to be a Nats fan isn’t it? Most of our big hitters went 1-4 or worse last night against the Giants. We really only narrowly escaped complete humiliation this past weekend. Speaking of this past weekend, Nationals Inquisition has an amazing picture of the walk-off win this past Sunday against the Orioles, please check it out.  This picture is the epitome of why I love baseball. No other sport, except maybe Hockey, has this kind of true camaraderie. I’d be up for debate if you think otherwise.

Things we do know:

  • Tickets for Strasburg’s expected first game next Thursday are going for a ridiculous stupid amount on Craigslist. Let’s hope for the sake of this guy’s “serious inquiries only” he really means, “no, seriously, I do have a ticket I am willing to sell but mean $50 and not $1 million like I said in the ad.” One word…tool.
  • Someone call the cops, Ryan was robbed of an all-star nod. Ok, it’s OUR FAULT, and not mine, cuz I voted, 13 times! It’s DCs. Shame on you, all of you.
  • Bernadina got smacked with a pitch last night while at bat, the man dropped to the ground. It’s hard to watch.

Tonight, Atilano faces Lincecum, who I’ve read is really good. You can check out the stats, I just heard he’s good. We’re tied for 4th with the Mets who are on a winning streak. We’re still at .500, not sure we can afford to lose tonight.

Come on boys!!!

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