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Things Worth Mentioning

June 2, 2010

Boy oh boy, I am not sure I know where to start. I tend to take off weekends from blogging. I write so much for my day job that come Friday night I’m wiped out and blogging is hard to fit in (you know, with my gym, cocktail, movie on the couch schedule).

Let’s start with a few things worth mentioning:

  • Behind Obama’s inauguration, behind Clinton’s inauguration, behind MLK’s famous speech – there was a day when it was announced that Baseball Jesus would descend upon Washington DC and it was proclaimed to be one of the holiest days ever. And I get to see him. My luck it rains in Buffalo for his last start and he really starts June 9. The talk of pitchforks and torches around the Natosphere just cracks me up. Join in why don’t you, there are some straight up angry folk that think they were “duped” into buying June 4 tickets. Ok. Whatever.
  • Guzman will now lead the batting line up. WHAT TOOK THEM SO LONG????
  • Ryan…Ryan Ryan Ryan. Ryan!!! 103 and we’re so so so proud. Still not sure why you aren’t higher up on the all-star list but that’s DC for you, ever the transient city.
  • When it becomes too hot in my apartment even with the air conditioning for me to blow dry my hair, I know it’s officially summer – and baseball season, and I couldn’t be happier. I have 3 games coming up – June 4, 8 and 10. Hope to see you there 🙂
  • The Nats pulverized the Astros last night 14-4. I’m sad for you if you missed it. It was amazing.
  • I….couldn’t….be…..happier that Philly fell from first place. I know, I know, the end of June is when you really get a good look at what a team is all about – I could honestly care less who comes in on top of the NL East this year, just PLEASE GOD don’t let it be the Phillies. I may have to have a seperate blog dedicated specifically to how bad I hate Phillies fans. Hate. With a capital H. We’re tied for 3rd, with 2 other teams, out of 5 teams. Talk about a tight run.
  • It also seems Ryan and Dunn left for Texas without razors, hello beards. I’m typing as we are losing tonight. Ugh.

Here’s hoping the home stand is everything it should be, regardless of whether or not people were “forced” to buy tickets or not. Just go enjoy the GD game for pete’s sake.

Not a sermon, just a thought.

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