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I Have to Make This Quick

June 3, 2010

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we lost to the worst team ever, I know. By know you should also know that I don’t dwell on losses in my blog. Simply won’t happen. I suffer in silence….well, I suffer out loud in front of my tv and then move on with my day. It will never change my love of the team, the players or the game.

BUT….before I finish my 10 minute break here at work (totally swapping out a walk to the water cooler for this blog I hope you know…) , I couldn’t be MORE excited about the latest announcement. This, my friends, is Americana at its best!!! Ken Burns will throw out the first pitch on June 8 at Baseball Jesus’ debut and I get to see it live. I’m sad my dad can’t come to the game with me, he only gets to view it from his tv. Sorry pops, I’ll make up for it and buy you The Tenth Inning when it comes out in September!

Oh my goodness, Cal Ripken will be a part of his latest one…as well all those men who deserve asterisks next to their name if they ever make it to the Hall of Fame.

See ya soon Ken!

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