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June 4, 2010
  • The oil spill is making me very, very, very sad. The front page of the Express today had a picture of a duck covered in oil – I immediately started crying. I’m tearing up now. I am deeply affected. This much I know. I hope you are too. The Gulf as we know it is gone.
  • The Nats are in a rut and it makes me sad. We lost to the Astros – the ASTROS. Error after error after error….maybe I was wrong, we really do need Baseball Jesus.
  • I miss Pudge.
  • I am sad that Detroit Tigers’ pitcher didn’t get his perfect game, but I’m glad it wasn’t revoked…Selig made right decision.
  • I’m sad Griffey is retiring, but the truth is – I thought he had retired a LONG time ago!!!! I remember his glory days like they were yesterday, but I haven’t heard his name in so long that when I heard the story of him sleeping in the locker room I could have SWORN they were talking about another Griffey, like maybe his hypothetical 20-year-old son! Well, here’s a shout out to Ken – it was a pleasure growing up with you, thanks for the past 20 years.


Ok, enough sadness. Tonight is the Nats first home game and I only hope it’s the beginning of a winning streak. Stay cool tonight Washington, it’s going to be a hot one. See you at the ballpark!

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