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I’m Missing April, Anyone Else?

June 7, 2010

I had a glorious Friday night at the ballpark – watching the Nats beat the Reds 4-2.  Then it all fell apart the rest of the weekend. It’s hard to go from being so upbeat about this team at the beginning of the season to having to admit they are truly struggling these days. I’m missing the joys I felt every game during the month of April. I’m missing just being able to write about “BIG WINS!” Nevertheless, good things are about to come:

  1. We get first all-around draft pick tonight, good news. 
  2. Baseball Jesus starts tomorrow night. GREAT news.
  3. We have a FULL day of rest today, which hasn’t happened in a very, very long time. Even better news.
  4. Pudge could potentially be back for tomorrow night – awesome, I’ve missed him.
  5. I think we’ve found reliable sources in Michael Morse and Bernadina.
  6. Minus a few glitches – one name…..IAN DESMOND. Great things are yet to come for this rookie.

Ryan was on Elliot in the Morning this morning and according to him, “…(with Strasburg coming)…at least they have a good chance of winning every 5 games now.” Nicely put. Sad. But nicely put.

I’ll be rooting the team on tomorrow night from the left field mezzanine for a change. Washington, hold on tight, it’s about to get exciting.

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