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Field of Dreams

June 9, 2010

If you build it, he will come…Ease His Pain….Go the Distance….

We built it, we brought him up to do what he was born to do, we definitely went the distance.

People will come daddy, people will come…

Oh, they came, and they came in droves. They came with bambuzlers and wadzukers..they came with jerseys and St. Stephen signs and hats…and everything else Dr. Suess like.

(It’s funny that just last night I watched Field of Dreams and it’s so fitting for tonight.)

It’s funny I said the Nats shouldn’t forget about the men who got them there, because, tonight, we all forgot about the past few weeks of struggles. We knew one thing. The man they call Baseball Jesus had 7 IP and 0 BB’s and 14 K’s. The Hall of Fame is already knocking on our door, true story.

Oh, we built a field of dreams, that overlooks the nation’s capital and all its glory, and he came. He came alright. And I was wrong. Not only did we need him, but we love him.

There’s a lot of learning to be had. When a professional, respectable MLB player greets Baseball Jesus, there could be a lot of damage – as in home runs. But as a young professional, Strasburg only has good things ahead of him.

Oh, DC, we’re proud. If for anything, thank you for an amazing night. And welcome back Pudge, GOD I missed you!!!

Thank you Ryan!!!!!!!!! Thank you Dunn!!!!!!! Thank you Hammer!!!!!!!!!!



And thank goodness for Baseball Jesus getting the Silver Wig. What a great night to sit in section 202 and witness history. My God the fans were amazing, thank you DC.  Please continue to support the Nats.

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