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June 22, 2010

I’m in a slump. A big bad one.

Hopefully, the Nats ended that terrible slump they were in. I’m just not capable of finding or dreaming up appropriate blog fodder these days. Could be that the thing that even allows me to afford to go to games (i.e., DAY JOB!) has me so wrapped up and tired that writing is the last thing I want to do. OR, it really could be that my heart has been broken so many times these last few weeks I just can’t open up the laptop to dream up amazing blog posts (for my 14 readers….)

You’ll forgive me for not writing about stats and who does what and where and how far behind we are. That’s what he’s for, and he’s for, and he’s for. You see, I’m dedicated to doing this blog from a girl’s point of view. And well, from my point of view, the Nats STINK these days!!!!

Oh sure, I still heart them and sure, I still heart Ryan (who, btw, has graced the pages of Nationals Inquisition for his famous arse!!! As much as I heart Ryan, I might have to say I think Hammer has a much better derriere.) I digress….

So, I ask you 14 followers, bear with me as I come out of my slump – just like you do when the Nats strive to come out of their’s.

For now, I’m dreaming of the days of this pic…..

Love, me

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