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Get ‘Er DUNN

June 23, 2010

There’s no excuse for being in a slump as long as I was, so, I’m sorry. I snapped out of it last night when we won and couldn’t wait to blog today. After many words of encouragement from fellow Nats bloggers I found my inspiration to write again.

It never gets old writing about my fave players….Ryan, Hammer, Pudge….but can I send a shout out to DUNN please!?! I don’t know why, but I adore Adam. He seems like the guy you want at your cookout making jokes all day. Like the guy you invite over for the weekend to go out and bar hop. Or the guy you really can’t wait for your frie nds/family to meet.

I would PAY someone for a picture of his face last night when stupid Kennedy took that ball from Dunn, PAY for it. I laughed out loud for another 5 straight minutes after that. Priceless. He was as shocked as the rest of Nats town that that happened!

So, here’s one for Dunn….keep ’em comin big boy!

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