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It’s the Nats Roller Coaster Edition

June 24, 2010

Man in the distance….”Popcorn, peanuts, cracker jacks….geeet your popcorn….Pocorn HEERREEA”

Come one come all, it’s the Nationals roller coaster! No other team has one quite like it! One minute you’re up, the next your down, then you’re up then you’re down. Hold on folks, try not to puke, hurl, fly off or hit your head on that rafter there…it’s going to be a bumpy season…..

I just can’t take it anymore. Strasburg does his job and we don’t. I wonder what the people around me were thinking when I was in the car driving listening to the game POUNDING on the steering wheel when hearing we stranded another two runners….maybe this, “should that lady be driving?” or this, “good God someone call the police she’s having seizure of some kind!”  Yes, it was screaming violent steering wheel pounding action coming out of the car yesterday afternoon.

After reeling from two great games this week, we’re left hanging our heads in our hands. Well, here comes the Battle of the Beltways! If anyone remembers last time, we barely beat the O’s when they were on our home turf. I have nothing to do this weekend, so I was considering a drive north. But then I remembered it’s going to be 100 degrees and well, the Nats make me sad these days. So, I’ll stay home in the AC, thanks.


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