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Shout out to mom

June 29, 2010

My mom has always said “it’s so much better to be a Yankees fan, because you are not let down as much as being a fan of other teams.” I never knew how to take that until tonight. Let’s recap:

  • Strazzy goes 6 and some odd innings, 6 hits, 4 runs, 2 walks with 92 pitches – 57 of them strikes. Not terrible, but thanks to Nats Insider, his record with the loss tonight is 2-2 with a 2.27 ERA. Still good, in my eyes, and in the rest of the world’s for a 21 year old. JEEEEE-ZUS he’s a kid, let him grow.  He’s not “over-rated” as @MarkZuckerman reports via Twitter – get over it ATL, you’re dirty and you’re jealous. That’s right, I said it. We aren’t doing the best but you’re still jealous.
  • Nyjer -I love the guy, but where’s Tony Plush? where’s the man that invented the silver wig? where’s the man who we rooted for as our lead off man? where is our lead off guy who would get home after….wait for it….(our biggest hitters mentioned below…)
  • Zim, Dunn and Hammer are not as reliable as they once were (yes, I’m calling out Ryan, I said Zim. I am calling his a** out!! Help us Ryan, help us!!! JEEEZ!!!)
  • Ok, so I blogged about Desi being the next big thing. I misspoke. And William Ladson says, and I quote via his @washingnats Twitter, “Desmond is a rookie, you have to let him grow.” Really, what about other rookies who didn’t cost games??? Sorry Bill, I’m a big fan, but we can’t be patient anymore. I do love Bill Ladson, not calling him out, he knows a LOT more than me, but I don’t think we need to be patient, something has to give!
  • Soooooo just learned Stammen comes back tomorrow night. I hope he wipes them out. I hope he kills. Take that Riggleman.
  • I don’t quite care for Riggleman
  • It’s a wash, 5-0 – WHERE ARE OUR BATS?? Why do these guys, including the man I heart, making millions? Why????
  • What happened to April/May? Where did they go??????

As I sit here despondent, my boyfriend reminded me (and I’m sad to admit this, he’s a born Red Sox fan, don’t shoot me for falling in love with a Sox fan, please???) … he reminded me that the Sox had a very hard time “sealing the deal” – they went all season doing well, then losing when it mattered. And the Sox, “were always more than willing to break your heart” – they would get to the end of the season and “let you down.” Now, the man now wears a Nats hat and a Dunn and Pudge shirt, but his heart still belongs to Boston. I can’t fault him. I hope in 10-15 years, I can say the same thing. The Nats let me down, but my God it is fun being a fan. It’s hard now, and as a new Nats blogger, it’s even harder. There have been tears in this apartment – and with a simple reminder, “Kat, it’s baseball, do you still love it? Do you still love the Nats? Do you still think Ryan is hotter than I am?” Well, I simply dry my eyes and say, why yes, yes I do. I believe, and I still love them and well, sorry, Ryan is just…sooo….cute.

So here’s a shout out to my mom, who reminds me about how much fun it is to watch the Yankees. And to my man, who reminded me that it takes time to be reallllly good. There is a balance. It sucks watching the Nats lose, but I am sticking through it. I know the Yankees are a dynasty. And I know the Nats will break my heart again and again, but I still hope they come out a winner in the end…and you can bet, I will stick it out. I won’t be a semi-fan. You are either in it, or you’re a fair weather fan. Simply put.

I love the Nats. Go Nats!!!!!!

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