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July 19, 2010

Hi Natstown. Between summer fun, the ridiculously busy day job and family events, I’ve been swamped and updating my blog would have required energy I did not have. But I’m here today and will use up my lunch break to put a few thoughts down.

I know it’s not easy being a Nats fan right now, what with being in last place (still), our slacking offense, trade-rumors, extension deadlines, hurt pitchers, 3-4-5 drama (or lack there of if you are like me in wishing these men would begin smacking the ball like they used to!), Adam Kennedy’s of the world….need I go on? Ugh. It’s all so blllllaaaaahhhhhhh.

But, here to add some lemon to the lemonade I plan on making – let me tell you what I am proud of (as a side note, Zuckerman even took my approach, well done Mark, and thanks, Nats fans need this every now and again!)

  • Strasburg. Nuff said.
  • Ryan – yes, I believe he is great, and so does this guy, and I’m so proud of him. The hard part about being a girl baseball fan is that a large part of the reason I love the game is because of the players. I was very fortunate to grown up with a man like Cal who for whatever reason, stuck around with the O’s his entire career. It will be a sad, sad day in ilovethenats’ life if Ryan ever leaves D.C.
  • Livo has a .224 avg. I don’t care what anyone says, I am so glad he’s on our side.
  • In the top 23 of NL hitters, 3 (THREE) WSH players are listed as having the highest batting averages. More than Philly, ATL and the Mets. Now, of course, that immediately brings in the LOB debate and how absolutely miserable we are at scoring runs…but this is not about LOBs or RISPs – it’s about the fact that we have some great hitters, and I’m proud.

Ok, so a few months ago I would have had Pudge, Desi and even Bernie on my list of “prouds” – I’ll save their mentions for another day. It’s back to work. Dread. Sigh. Groan.


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