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The 10th Man

August 1, 2010

As baseball fans, we like to think that somehow the man at the plate or in the field can hear our thoughts, can read our minds and can feel our anxiety. We like to believe that when we scream out loud they really can hear us, even from the nosebleed’s. As baseball fans, some of us truly believe that as “the 10th man,” we have a job to do and by-golly, we’re going to come through for the team. 

It’s hard to be a Nats fan sometimes, sure. But, it’s our job to keep people like Phillies fans from breaking our concentration – from distracting us with their over-exaggerated cheers, indifference for others around them attitude and foul remarks. 

Well Natstown, we did it. “WE” did it. The fans this time around stood up to Philadelphia’s fans, who as we all know, are the worst fans in the world. There simply aren’t words to describe the feeling after tonight’s win. An hour later and I’m still nursing my sore throat brought on from Ryan’s walk-off home run. As I looked around the stadium during our last at-bat, I saw more people on their feet than ever before. 

Michael Morse and Ryan Zimmerman knew we had their backs. WE did it. 

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)


A special goodbye to Guzzy and Capps. Thoughts on trades to come. Til then, goodnight Natstown. We did good tonight.

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