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I Beg Your Pardon…

August 5, 2010

…Mr. Nationals Inquisition, WE are not losers in any sense of the word. WE (the fans) are one in the same as the team. When we say “WE” – “WE” aren’t referring to the neighborhood. We are referring to our team. (I may have overdid it with the “we’s”.)

Do you think you could run a baseball team better? Hey Rizzo, you hear that? Natsnq wants your job, he thinks he can do better!

Listen, I may not know much about baseball “business” – but in response to this quote:

“Because lets face it, losers love the longball. It is a fact. If you are a fan of a losing team (or even a player on that team) it is easy to forget that you are when you see one of those lemons jack one out. It makes swallowing the losing pill easier and if that homerun leads to a victory, it is easier to convince yourself that better times are right around the corner.”

If I may:

We get just as excited by a well-placed, perfectly timed single to left field. Whether to tie the game, win the game, or  just to up the score a bit more, hits are exciting. “Longballs” as you put it, are great, but so are other solid hits.

Please don’t call us losers. It hurts the team you actually spend quality time writing about! You can gripe, complain, throw things, piss and moan for all I care, but please don’t call the Nats losers. We have a fine team if you ask me. The fact that we stood a chance against both the Phillies and the Braves most recently surely can’t mean we are losers. We may have a LOSING RECORD, but, we are not losers my friend.

This team has personality. This team has spirit. This team has camaraderie. This team has heart. Let’s deal with the 2011 team when it’s time and enjoy “the bomber” himself while we have him, ey?

To this:

“But the Nats are a dysfunctional team in need of a lot more pieces than they like to let on. Putting all their eggs and chickens in an aging rooster’s coop just doesn’t seem like the logical step to lead the team out of the doldrums.”

I’d easily say our chickens are in more than one aging coop too Mr. Natsnq. Ever hear of an aging future hall of famer named PUDGE?? How many years did the Rangers invest in that “old rooster?” – and how many years has the MLB touted Pudge himself as one of the best catcher’s of all time?  (Thanks to the boyfriend for that lovely reminder!)

Also, ever hear of Zimmerman? or Strasburg? HELL, we sold one of the best eggs of the bunch with Capps! For what? For a possibly good maybe potentially up and coming catcher? If you ask me, (which, I know you’re not, but I am pretending you are…) without Capps, we have no pitching “basket” if you will. Without Dunn, we are a rooster down.

And lastly, to this:

“It’s like the Nats are living in a trailer park or ghetto somewhere and their house is crap, their possessions are all second, third or fourth hand and their kids are running around naked except in dirty wife beaters, but they have this completely awesome, brand new car sitting in their dirt and weeds driveway.”

…there’s a Phillies fan somewhere really pissed off that you just called out every single person from that town, but I am not sure this even makes any sense for DC, or Natstown. Are Strasburg and Zimmerman two other brand new cars sitting in that same driveway? Geez I hope so! I mean, Dunn is good and all, but so is Pudge and Hammer and Ryan and of course, Baseball Jesus. According to you, Ryan and Baseball Jesus would be the two heaps of junk on the side of the house that’s covered by blue tarps but is so tall that the fridge, transmission, kitchen sink and couch are still actually showing because there’s no way to hide them. Right?

I respect your pen Mr. Natsnq, but, we are not losers.

That said. You know I love your blog, right 🙂  and you know I’m just a girl who likes baseball. Please no pitchforks???????

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