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Apologies, Updates, 9 Things, Etc.

August 20, 2010

Friends, you’ll forgive my absence if I tell you it’s been an abominable few weeks for me, right? Not that I am even remotely considered in the upper echelon of Nats bloggers, but I know there’s a few friends who enjoy reading my deep and thought-provoking blogs 😉 

I promise my excuses are legitimate. One being a very sick kitty the other being a trip to the ocean for a week where laptops, phones and the outside world in general were not first of mind.

I’m fully prepared to go at this again. Ready. Set. Go.

1. ) Let’s discuss this whole Bryce Harper thing for one minute. I don’t like him. Period. I think he’s a huge d-bag and cannot wait for the MLB to kick his sorry little macho metrosexual too good for everyone’s butt. Like when Dunn steamrolled that rookie a while back – yeah, I kind of want to see him slapped around a bit to remind him that he has a LOT of growing up to do. I don’t know why, but I just can’t stand the kid. Part of it is because he and Bor-ass waited until 11:59 p.m. to make it final. REALLY??? At 17 years old this kid knows nothing!!!! Except now he’s been trained to think the world awaits his every move – Rizzo will be handing him tissues before he sneezes. Disgusting. I’m sure with time I’ll grow to accept him, just let me dislike him for now.

2.) Ryan looks so hot when he gets angry. I wish I had taped the other night’s game. When I’m feeling low or even bored with life’s daily goin’s on’s, I would definitely turn that on and watch him point his face of the franchise finger at that dumb umpire and immediately feel relief. Sorry guys, I’ve never hidden my infatuation with him, why stop now 🙂

3.) Can I just say how impressed I’ve been with our “B” team? Has anyone ever stopped to think that some of the best games have been played minus Willingham, Dunn, Morgan, Pudge and dare I say it, Baseball Jesus himself? Still not a fan of Kennedy, but he’s had a few solid games – maybe he just needs more playing time (although I can’t witness another ERROR by him or I’ll simply poke my own eyeballs out!). I personally am a big fan of Gonzo. I wasn’t upset at all when I saw Ryan get ejected, because I knew our second string man would do just fine. And something has to be said for Harris as well. I’ll save my Morse cheerleading for……

4.) MICHEAL MORSE TRAIN, ALLLL ABOARD!!!!!! Let’s figure out the outfield situation soon please, because I really want to see more of the Bernadina/Morse combo!!!!!!

5.) I will miss the Hammer immensely the rest of the season. Not only because of this, but because I am just a big fan in general.

6.) Dibble = D-Bag. He and Harper will get along great.

7.) SIGN DUNN. Natstown is very split on this decision and I’ll fully stand by my word that we need him more than we don’t need him. There’s no other “Dunn” out there that other teams are willing to get rid of. SIGN HIM.  (Side note – Adam, meet Toby Keith – Toby, meet Adam. It’s UNCANNY. Brothers from another mother?)

8.) I might choose to put tonight’s game against the Phillies on in the background while I do something else, like play Jenga, or do a puzzle, or read a book, or play cards or cook….I fear the Phillies will be back with avengeance on their home turf tonight, as their best pitcher faces our worst. I’m simply afraid to watch. We took two out of three games at home last time, with the last two games being nail biters. Hold strong Nats!!!!!!!  

9.) One question, WHO the F is Mench???? And why haven’t I even heard his name all season??

I’m out of steam, that’s a lot for someone who hasn’t blogged in two weeks. So, with that, here’s hoping we kick the Phillies butts tonight and I’ll see you again soon!

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  1. August 20, 2010 6:04 pm

    Kevin Mench is a former big leaguer that kicked around the minors for parts of two seasons and spent most of the year in Syracuse. He also has the biggest head in baseball, thus the nickname of “Shrek”.

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