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August 27, 2010

Let me get this done and over with now so I don’t have to apologize anymore, whether out loud or on @ilovethenats.  While I’m not one to rip on my own team, Bryce Harper is not playing at pro level yet so I feel I should be allowed to voice my opinion, for now.  I know, I know – opinions are like a-holes, everyone’s got one. So here’s mine.

DISCLAIMER: Since I am not employed by MLB or the Nats or any sport organization of any kind, I can use my blog for my humble opinions. You should know, however, that when he steps into Nationals Stadium to actually play for our team – I’ll shut my mouth and reserve my comments to myself. Heck, maybe he’ll have grown up by then and proven himself and I’ll actually like him – could very easily happen. I swear. But for now……here’s what I need to get off my shoulders, and I promise you will never have to hear it again.

IMHO, I think Harper is a attention craving whore monger. And I don’t think the world should be drooling over a couple homeruns. Let’s see him hit Strasburg or Lincecum or Halladay or, if we could bring back retiree’s for a minute here… Nolan Ryan or Randy Johnson. THEN, and only then, would I actually give this kid credit.

A. Mohawks are reserved for real men like Mike Green or Beckham.  And no you big D-BAG, chicks don’t like it, especially on children who think they are owed something. I’d say Mike Green is the only real athlete in DC who can pull off the “hawk” because he lacks the douchbaggieness you possess (yep, just made that word up).  Sure, 17 year olds like it – 17 year old females like anything with two legs that doesn’t have acne and drives a nice car.

B. Put a shirt on. No one cares. I promise. Except 17 year old girls. But they don’t count in the real world punk.

C. Thank GOD our owners and managers put it out there already that the war paint is a big no no. The game isn’t about you or how cool you look. Put on your damn uniform and play ball – I don’t care if you feel “electric” with it. If you don’t feel electricity flowing through you now that you are signed at the sweet age of 17, well then you really don’t deserve to be a professional MLB player.

D. Your FB picture should not be of you standing shirtless. Again, attention craving whore monger. Who DOES THAT?! Sure, one could argue there’s a nice place in Clarendon for you, but, grow up kid. No one cares that you have a six pack. There are no other players going shirtless – so stop.

I’m already upset I gave him this much space in my blog – so I’m done. Thanks for listening, or not. Either way, this’ll be the last I say about the biggest tool to ever hit the Nationals ballclub.

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