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September 1, 2010

The Nats have proven time and time again they have “it” – they just sometimes lose “it” – and when they find “it” again, they return to the field like all-out all-stars, proving they are definitely ESPN Sports Center highlight worthy. We all know the Nats should have a much higher ranking in the NL East than they do, sadly though, they sometimes sabotage their chances – with missed opportunities and amateur defense. 

When not covering our eyes with our hands or screaming out in agony at the television about a bone-headed play, there were quite a few moments when it actually felt really good to be a Nats fan this season. Let’s recap some of those moments shall we?  (in no specific order, I’m really not that organized)

  • The top one has to be obvious for the few people who know me – duh, Ryan’s Robert Redford moment the other night. Here’s the video if you missed it. I have a very child-like crush on Ryan, it’s almost sad.
  • Dunn hits 5 home runs in 3 games – the majority of July for the Nats was abysmal, as was June, but a few solid streaks by Adam Dunn certainly didn’t hurt the team. As a leader in HR’s in the industry, I’m sure glad he’s on our side.
  • Ryan hits his 7th walk-off home run of the season – AGAINST THE PHILLIES!!! While all of Ryan’s walk-off’s deserve mention, this one was especially slanderous, because a.) I was there! and b.) it was against the phillies. NOTHING is sweeter than seeing my man hit the winning home run and ruining the phillies fans trip to DC – which I’m sure is only a trip of pure cruel intentions, and not that of honorable mention.
  • If Michael Morse ran for Mayor of DC tomorrow, I’d vote for him. Hell, if Michael Morse ran for President of the ever-loving United States I’d vote for him! Hopefully he’d pick Bernadina as Vee-P. It only gets better with these two! These outfielders know how to entertain fo show.  There are too many great moments to mention just one. I’m hoping you agree!
  • Nyjer “The Steamroller” Morgan’s hitting a phillies fan upside the head while tossing a ball into the stands.  Classic. It is too bad the fan actually turned out to be a nice guy, but I’m sure given the opportunity he’d throw up on us too.
  • Livo’s sometimes up and sometimes down games turned out to be a big up for him in July as he pitched his second complete game – the man is 35 years old, good times.
  • July 13, 2010 – One time Nats pitcher and defender of the NL during the All-Star game and now an actual threat in the AL, Matt Capps shuts down Big Papi and helps secure the first NL All-Star win in……YEARS!
  • St. Stephen’s debut will forever be etched in my memory as the night I ran out of “woo hoo’s” – seriously, there’s only so many woo-hoo’s you can give during one game, ya know?! I went home utterly drained with a sore throat. But, simply put….best….game….EVA. This guy sums it up nicely.
  • This day. I don’t recall what I was thinking or what just happened with the Nats but I do know I was excited enough to reference the BEST baseball movie of all time.
  • I am sure there’s a 10th. But I’m reserving 10 for the “10th Man” – the many fans who stuck by the Nats through thick and thin the last few years. The fans who would have come to the Nats games this season even without Strasburg. The fans who go in the rain, cold or the heat. #10 is reserved for the times that Nats fans showed up when the team needed us most. And, to my fave Nats bloggers. You make baseball more fun than it already is.

Michael for Mayor!!!!

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