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Fly on the wall

September 13, 2010

I had a weekend full of nature, in ALL its glory. Unfortunately I don’t like bugs, not one bit, not no way, not no how! Just ask the friends who witnessed the extreme overreaction to a daddy long leg crawling on my back during a camping trip this weekend. Bugs creep me out, big time. From the stick bug on one of our tents to the field mouse that hopped across our feet Sunday morning to the 30 gazillion daddy long legs that crawled up onto the top of our tents so when I woke up I had a view of daddy and mommy long legs getting it on to the greenest grass hopper I’ve ever seen, I REALLY overdosed on nature this weekend. Why am I telling you this?

In keeping with the horror that still runs through my brain after almost getting eaten by that spider (ok, whatever, it was big and gross….), thought it’d be appropriate to use this picture with the blog post I had in mind: 

Oh to be a fly on that wall….


Riggleman: KENNEDY!!! You are not professional baseball ready, I’m demoting you to that AAAA that no one knows about that really does exist!!!

Nyjer: Well, clearly Desi and Kennedy don’t know where their boundaries are – we were almost the three stooges out there running for the same pop-up, come on Riggs, tell ’em.

Riggs: Shut up Nyjer, just SHUT UP

Ryan: I’d like to say I didn’t make any mistakes and I’m perfect

Riggs: Yes, Ryan, you are

Dunn: What about me? You gonna keep me with Ryan next season? Huh? Pretty please????

Riggs: Ya know what Dunn? You may be a lot of things but one thing you are NOT is flexible. Either learn how to stop balls from going by you or kiss yours and Ryan’s  BFF relationship goodbye!

Espinosa: what the heck did I sign up for………

Riggs: Hey Rookie, cut back on fielding errors, keep up the hitting, you’ll be fine kid. Just fine.

McCatty: I’m sickened and sad that we have the problems we do. I’ve personally already called Strasburg’s physical therapist and told them we’d pay them $18 million to give him a bionic arm so we get him back in no time.

Pudge: Dude…that kid that got hit with the ball was sooooo mad at you Storen! But I told him I’d kick his butt if he made a move because I work out 13 times a day and had I been a part of the original fight a few weeks ago…..ohhhhh those feeeesh better have watched out!

Riggs: All of you! you think it’s funny we’re going to be below .500 for the 5th year in a row?! I’m moving to the Dominican, no one try to find me, don’t call me, nothing. You’re all playing like 12 year olds – actually, I think my 12 year old nephew plays better than all of you! Except you Ryan, you stay just the way you are.

At least that’s how I imagine it!

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