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2011 Here We COME!!!!

September 23, 2010

While it’s not obvious in the amount of times I blog during the week, you should know that the Nats are top of mind all the time. I read expert blogs every free minute I have (which really isn’t that often…but I love them the same!), I read all of your tweets, I discuss the latest news and gossip with colleagues and really, some of the BEST QT I spend with my boyfriend is on our couch watching every single game on tv.

So, I’m here to say, sadly, I cannot WAIT for 2011!!!! Not that I’m going to stop rooting for the team during the next few games, but, I have visions of playoffs dancing in my head for next season! Here’s why:

  • Danny “I’m going to save your team from ridicule” Espinosa! What a kid! It’s quite obvious he’s Ray Knight’s man-crush, and he’s really come to be one of mine too. (I’ll never stop loving you though, Ryan, stop worrying.) Honestly, it must take him half of a half of a second to zing that ball to first to make an out. He’s razor sharp almost every single time he plays and his bats are HOTTY HOT HOT!
  • The 6-4-3, or 4-6-3 and of course, the 5-4-3 or 5-3 combos light up the field. Zing, zang, boom, bah, OUT! It’s like a hockey game out there, it all moves so fast I can’t see where the ball landed, where it went and how it all happened! Before I know, the runner is out and we’re walking off the field. Sheer awesomeness.
  • Desi. Desi, Desi, Desi. I’m really sorry I ever doubted you. Desmond’s contributions combined with Espinosa’s next year will make up the  missing key ingredients for our infield.
  • Who knew Bernadina had wings?! Watching him launch himself into mid-air to make breath-taking plays has become one of my favorite things about the game. Easily one of my favorite players on the team, I’m really hoping we see a Willingham, Morse, Bernie outfield next year.
  • Michael Morse for Mayor!!!!! Simply put, I don’t know what we ever did without him.
  • And well, Justin Maxwell might be the cutest thing to ever play for the Nats. Our grand slam hero, I hope he’s around for a while.  Anyone see Maxwell slip coming in to the dugout two nights ago? Fast forward to about :45 seconds, I’m still laughing at this, hahahahaha.
  • And of course, who I think are the heart and soul of our team right now, Ryan, Dunn and Pudge.

I like to call the Ryan, Desi, Epinosa, Bernie, Morse gang the Young Guns, meeting up at the OK Corral to demolish other teams.

Our next, and final game of the season is this Saturday. I’ve really enjoyed being a fan this year. I know it’s been tough, but the best thing about baseball is that every April, you immediately forget about past troubles and past seasons and head for one of the greatest days of the year – Opening Day. No other sport celebrates Opening Day the way baseball does.  I’ll easily trade in my frustrations and anger over a few bad seasons for a fresh chance at another season, regardless of how long it takes my team. And why is DC so quick to judge the Nationals, who by the way, are still considered a new team, when our precious Redskins have been stinking up the field with drama and sucky football FOR YEARS.

I think I just figured out my next blog post…….

Ok friends, TTFN!!!

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